We Love Our Customers! 


36 N. Huron St. Ypsilanti, MI

Have You Joined Our Customer Appreciation Program? If not, make sure to do so next time you're in the shop!

Customer Appreciation Program Details:

At this time, In Store Only. 

Roughly, for every $100 you spend at Evenstar's Chalice, you receive $10 off of a future purchase! There is no time limit to build your points which can be built across purchases. We track your purchases, so no need to remember a punch card - just give your name at the register each time you make a purchase to make sure we tag the purchase as yours!

eStore Customers

Currently, our in-store customer appreciation program is not available through the eStore. They are managed in two different systems. For our eStore customers, we will be running regular promos and return customer discounts! 

Institute Attendees

It's not in play yet, because we are still forming the vision for a membership model for Evenstar Institute. Stay tuned, or feel free to reach out to Mara with your ideas of what types of benefits from Evenstar Institute would compel you to become a member!