Evenstar's Chalice

​The mission of Evenstar’s Chalice is to enhance the experience of Growth, Beauty, and the Sacred. We envision at Evenstar’s Chalice a space that is aesthetically beautiful, seductive, sensory rich and deeply honoring of the feminine principle. It is a space that is transformative, in and of itself. It is a deep breath. It is a “shop” with meaning and purpose. It is an invitation to explore, learn, truly connect with others and to nourish your Soul.
Evenstar's Chalice logo with the goddess Venus holding a chalice pouring water

Our products and services 

help you:

Create your sacred space

Fill your home with beauty

Adorn your body temple

Tune into your intuition

Identify, listen to and respect your wisdom

Perform ritual and ceremony

Stir up some magic

Connect in community

Co-create with the Divine, and

Make your Soul smile! 

Mara Evenstar standing in the doorway of Evenstar's Chalice welcoming you in.

About Evenstar

Evenstar's Chalice, LLC and its divisions are co-owned by Mara Evenstar & Russ Jones. It came into being in 2017 in magical series of events with its co-founder Jeanne Adwani, owner of Be Hair Now (the hair salon nestled in the back of the shop). In its earliest conceptions, years before opening the store, this enterprise was visioned to be a retreat and healing center, The Center for Transformative Arts. However, because of synchronicities and opportunities this vision began its life as a retail metaphysical store in downtown Ypsilanti, MI. In 2020 (during the pandemic) we launched Evenstar Institute and our first cobbled together version of the online store. Evenstar Consulting also pre-ceded Evenstar's Chalice as Mara's consulting business named Arammai Services.