Community Chalice

​Let's gather at the crossroads!

Let's Bless one another with our presence & connection!

Let's fill our cups Together.

"Community Chalice" is a gathering where we learn, play, do ceremony and grow together in community!

​Each Community Chalice event has its own theme.  

Our last Community Chalice in January was Moon Fest! What an awesome, fullfilling, connecting time! 

Stay tuned for the dates for the next Community Chalice!! 

Here's what we did! 

All start times are approximate

Suite 120

1:10 Orientation for the day and intention setting (Mara Evenstar)

1:30 Dancing with the Lunar Divine (Chrissie Bingham & Emily Otto) Our cup overflows, what are you ready to let go of? We begin by getting clear on what we wish to release during this cycle. Then to embody the energy of the Leo full moon we dance (or stretch), shifting from our mind into our body. Once the energy has been raised, we will practice the art of scrying to see what lunar messages come forward to help us with this task of release.

2:30 Intuitive Ritual: Sophia Unfolds & their creative process (Mara & Andrea) Sophia Unfolds has been holding full moon rituals and gatherings since 2016! Join us for an intimate look into our process for designing and delivering transformative and connecting full moon containers. But we won’t be just talking “about” it, you’ll also be co-creating with us as we design the full moon ritual that begins at 3:30!

3:30 Full Moon Gathering / Ritual (Sophia Unfolds) Join us in celebration of this Full Wolf Fire Moon in the sign of Leo – as we come together in a custom ritual designed by its participants!

4:45 Drawing - Your Community Chalice ticket puts you in the drawing for a deck of Moonology Oracle Cards. Buy your ticket pre-sale and get put in the drawing twice! (need not be present to win)

Suite 110 – All Afternoon

Evenstar’s Chalice will have a curated collection of mooney things for your shopping pleasure.

Gift & Swap table – bring moon related items to share or trade

Make a crescent moon ornament in the Chalice Lounge

Hang out and chat with old friends & new in Chalice Lounge

Kitchen – All Afternoon

We’ll have some healthy and light snacks & beverages & also some naughty treats!!

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Past Chalice Events

Plant Wisdom - September 2023


Held in September of 2023

We immersed ourselves in an afternoon of plant wisdom - playing in the realms of plant magic and folk remedies. We had mini-classes: David Davis taught about connecting with your plant allies and also the wisdom of thorny things. Shalina Rankin taught of the folk remedy fire cider. 

For this Community Chalice, participants were also able to bid in silent auction for private sessions with the teachers. We had a group healing ritual for the trees. We also had some awesome shopping and a plant swap table. 

Tons of great connection, information and exchange of experience were had. 

Jeanne won the drawing for the Braiding Sweetgrass book. 

Starburst pattern overlaid with the Magician card from the Rider Waite Tarot deck
Tarot Immersion - July 2023


Held in July of 2023

We immersed ourselves in an afternoon of tarot wisdom! We had mini-classes: Elements & Numbers with Jeanne Adwani, Reading the Faces with David Davis, & Astrological Archetypes in the Major Arcana with Andrea Anzalone. 

For this Community Chalice, participants were also able to purchase tarot readings with our teachers. We had a group ritual using the elements of tarot to tell a story of the potential of our collective future. We also had some awesome shopping and a deck swap table. 

Participants were grinning wide and many stated that they learned so much more about than they thought they would during this afternoon! They also really enjoyed the intentional community we built for the afternoon. 

Deb won the drawing for the free Tarot of Mystical Moments deck! 

Starburst pattern overlaid with the Magician card from the Rider Waite Tarot deck
Lighten Up! - May 2023


Held in May of 2023

In the Community Chalice, Lighten Up! we spent the afternoon releasing stress and finding our joy!  

We spent time together drumming, dancing and doing group improv! Our ritual was focused on initiating us all into a state of joy! We also did a community art project, creating a book of joy. Like all Community Chalices, we also had curated shopping and time to connect over snacks and beverages. 

Participants expressed gratitude and deep sense of connection with one another. 

Deb won the drawing for the free Tarot of Mystical Moments deck! 

Manifestation & Abundance - March 2023

Manifestation & abundance 

Held in March of 2023

This was our first Community Chalice! 

We had three mini-classes: Manifestation with crystals with Krista Harlan, Manifesting with Herbs with Raphael Zahavah and Manifesting with the Moon with Mara Evenstar. Our group ritual was centered on manifestation and we built energy for personal, communal and global abundance. There was a community art project, shopping, and participants received individual mini readings!  

Participants expressed excitiment and appreciation and called for MORE MORE Community Chalice!!  

[image credit: local artist Leah Myers, pastel on board]

image of flames that are shaped like people reaching over a background of a river and forest. There is a dragonfly over the river.