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We'Moon Tarot

We'Moon Tarot

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The long anticipated We'Moon Tarot is now available! 

This impressive 78-card tarot deck comes complete with a 130-page full-color guidebook, all enclosed in a hard-shell box. We’Moon Tarot Card Deck is compiled with art from the We'Moon datebook published across 40 years. With a unique feminist viewpoint and an earth-based women’s spirituality, this multicultural/multigenerational spread offers a great overview of an extraordinary period in our lives.

Published and distributed by Mother Tongue Ink - creators of the much loved We'Moon calendar and datebook. 

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Product Details

3½" x 5" deck of 78 cards,
130 pages 3½" x 5" booklet,
all printed in the US in full color.
More Earth-friendly - no outer or inner plastic wrap