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VIP BOOST for Big Vision Creatrixes

VIP BOOST for Big Vision Creatrixes

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Are you bringing a Big Vision into the world? Have you been dreaming of opening a center?*

So many of us are waking up to our profound intuitive calling these days.  Many of us are bursting forth with new abilities, and a big vision to create space that supports our individual and collective evolution during these times of great change. It’s time for the cultural creatives to shine!

Maybe for you the vision is a healing center with many modalities. Maybe it is to be a sacred space for non-dogmatic ceremony and gatherings. Or perhaps one of the variations that we multi-dimensional multi-faceted creators are dreaming up! Many of us want our space to be part-event space, part-healing space, part-retail or public space, part-community cafe, part-art gallery or market, part eco-village…and each of these business / organizational models has its own challenges to surmount and strategies needed to create something sustainable and delightful.

I want to help you bring these dreams into reality. And I want to help you answer your calling without becoming broke and broken-hearted! We are in times of great transformation, and I truly believe that in addition to the beautiful, global virtual communities that are being built, we need Centers helping people anchor and ground our new ways of being into space and place.

Yes! I’m sure you are an incredibly magical being with pretty awesome manifestation capabilities. And you are probably already adept at juggling work, school, family, and your sacred passion projects. But creating your center requires some specific information, systems and realistic strategy along with your amazing gifts! Let’s be real here, you are not alone in receiving this call, and historically most of these centers fail and the founder loses more than money. She loses her passion for anchoring the hub she was called to create. And she can also lose her trust in her guidance that called her into something that flops.

I want to help you create strategies that bridge the paradigms. You still need some of the old-paradigm biz strategy to bring your center into the reals. AND I want us to lace in the creation of emergent and evolutionary business and operational models for these next paradigm centers.

I’m here to help you as a magical founder to anchor your inspired vision in a grounded, smart, strategic way, while also sharing with you the spirit-activations that help keep you powered up, connected, and radiating the purpose and power of your project all along the way.

Why do I think I can help? I bring 30+ years of experience in all aspects of this domain, and here are a few reasons of why I am uniquely positioned and qualified to serve as a mentor and guide for you as a founder of your evolutionary center.  

  • I cut my professional teeth on the information age, working in research, design & development for emergent technologies. From there I grew to organizational consulting – helping create high-performing teams and take innovative ideas and turn them into real software products that enriched people’s lives.
  • I hold a BA in Anthropology, a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology (specializing in integrating Spirit and Business), and a Master’s degree in Education specializing in Leadership and Social Transformation. Which means I have a deep grounding in what it takes to grow and transform both individually and collectively through shifting the culture.
  • I also received the call to create a hub for conscious healing and evolution. Over the last three decades I have made major investments in my education and training and personal growth.
  • I have created and offered countless transformative workshops, classes, retreats, rituals, and healing sessions. I have served thousands of individuals in this way.
  • I have co-founded multiple organizations and spirit-based businesses. I have explored what it really takes to co-create and to be a leader in emergent and collaborative spaces.

From founding and running a metaphysical bookstore, to co-founding an intentional community space, launching a learning institute and guiding non-profits, I’ve made all the mistakes (a few really big ones) and learned all the best ways to anchor sacred space even when the playing field is shifting. Now I guide and mentor smart spiritual women and men to successfully anchor their own sacred space project, serve this world, and to fulfill their dreams without living a nightmare.

I know that building out your vision takes time and multi-dimensional attention. At some points along the journey, whether it's just starting out or needing revival or re-direction we need a leg up, a little boost to get going. 

My VIP session for Big Vision Creatrixes is a 4-hour intensive one on one session where

  • You get my uninterrupted focus and attention; my eyes, ears & wisdom on your biz / center / dream
  • You receive guidance, coaching, intuitive messaging and energy clearing
  • Together we identify the most likely challenges for you and your vision and strategies for meeting them
  • Together we will sketch out a short and long range plan and identify do-able next steps
  • Together we will perform an ignition ritual that anchors and ignites your vision into reality

What's the investment? 

$500 for online session 

$600 for in-person session (in the Ann Arbor, MI US area)

$600 + reasonable travel expenses (most anywhere!) 

    If you decide to enter into deeper ongoing mentorship with me within a year of our VIP Boost session, this session fee will be deducted from your mentorship investment.

    Questions? Reach out to 

     *Not planning on opening a Center but got a BIG Vision? No worries, we can customize our VIP Boost session to work for you! 

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