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The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology

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by Per Henrik Gullfoss, published by Crossed Crow Books, 2022 ().

This is a republication of Henrik Gullfoss's engaging book for both the beginner and long-time practitioner.  It gives you practical ways, using astrology, for achieving harmony and unity among body, mind, and soul.  Learn how your astrological horoscope is a map that reveals your inner drives, your strengths, and how to navigate challenges that you may face in your daily life.

Originally published in 2008 by Llewellyn Publications.

Per Henrik Gullfoss is Norway's most respected astrologer. Widely published in Europe, he is best known for his Norwegian bestseller Your Star Sign.  He lectures on astrology throughout Scandinavia and founded The Nordic School of Astrology, Norway's only astrological school. 
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EAN: 9798985628159
Published: 2022
Pages: 240
Size: 6" x 9"