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Sacred White Sage Power Votive

Sacred White Sage Power Votive

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World Magic Sacred White Sage Votive

The Sacred White Sage candle makes a great alternative to sage bundles. Purify your space with its spiritual energies. Sage helps to clear out stagnant energies that may have been preventing you from blossoming, connecting you to the boundless energy of the cosmos.

Blessing: I use this sacred white sage to cleanse from me all the negativity and dissonant vibrations from my body, my home, and my spirit. I send this energy to the great spirit and mother earth, never to be returned.

Burn Time: 10 Hours.
Color: White.
Scent: Three Sacred Sage Oil Blend.

Made by Coventry Creations in Ferndale, Michigan.

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One candle, dish, cup, or holder not included.