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Reiki for Kids (class for up to 6 kids)

Reiki for Kids (class for up to 6 kids)

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Reiki for Kids!

Reiki is a beautiful system for accessing life force energy that can be an invaluable aid for kids in this high-stress, chaotic world. In this class, they will be connected with this energy, and shown how to use it for self-healing, self-soothing and self-knowing. They will also be learning ways of using Reiki to connect with love to other Beings in their environments – people, animals, plants, etc.

They will be learning:

- ways to help manage and protect their own energy,

- how to use Reiki to help with their emotional regulation,

- how to use Reiki to develop their intuitive skills,

- and the importance of consent in energy exchange (getting/giving permission, knowing when Reiki is appropriate for a situation.)

This beginner Reiki class is geared toward older kids, approximate age range 7-12. They will receive the level 1 attunements for Usui Reiki, a printed manual, and a certificate upon completion.


We are managing our Reiki for Kids differently from our other Reiki Classes. In this case, we ask that parents purchase a Reiki for Kids course in which up to 6 children participate. In this way, you can pool with other parents if you wish. We will provide two teachers, the space (if needed) and materials. Class dates will be coordinated between the teachers and the parents. This course is best if delivered in 3 2-hour classes over a 3-week period (6 class hours total)  - although that can be adjusted if scheduling proves too tricky. 

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