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Mullein Leaf

Mullein Leaf

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Other Names: Verbascum Thapsus; great mullein, velvet plant, grandmother's flannel, white mullein, bullock's lungwort shepherd's club, hare's beard, cow's lungwort, candlewick plant.
Origin: Albania

Mullein has been widely used through many cultures and times, and thus it has many folk names.  Mullein is an herbaceous biennial in the Scrophulariaceae family.  Originally native to Europe and Asia, it will now grow in any temperate region and is common in North America.  The mullein plant blooms by sending up a tall flower spike with beautiful yellow flowers; the plant will grow as tall as eight feet. It has soft, thick leaves that are reminiscent of flannel.  The dried leaves can be brewed into an herbal tea or used to make oils and syrups.  Dioscorides (ca. 40-90CE) was the first European to write about the medical benefits of mullein.  The Romans used it as a hair tonic; its stalk was often used for torches.

Deity: Jupiter
Planet: Saturn
Element: Fire
Gender: Feminine
Use in Courage, Protection, Health, and Love magic; and in Divination, Exorcism

If the leaves are worn, Mullein will protect the wearer from attacks by wild animals and give the holder courage; but will also attract the love of your beloved.  If placed in the shoes, Mullein will protect one from colds.  When placed in a sachet and under the pillow, mullein will ward off nightmares.  Mullein can be substituted for graveyard dust if such an ingredient is called.  For millennia, mullein leaves and stalks were suffused with tallow and use as candles or torches.

In India, mullein is respected as the most-powerful ward against black magic, demons, evil spirits and negativity.  People will hang mullein over their doors, place it in their windows, and carry it in sachets.  Because of this power it will often be used in banishments and exorcisms.

Comes in 1 oz. bags.

QAI and USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher; Origin: Albania



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Product Details

1 oz. bag.
QAI and USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher; Origin: Albania.