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Let it Go - Astro Magic - Full Moon Candle

Let it Go - Astro Magic - Full Moon Candle

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Release your spell, shed the old, round off the circle, or unburden yourself of limits--the moon is at peak power and there's no room for more. Light the Full Moon Candle to assist you in letting go, commencing the cycle for what's ahead.

Blessing / Invocation:
Luna, pregnant with my ideas, dreams, and experiences; I am ready to let go. My magic is freed to manifest, the wounds and hurts from my past dissolve into nothingness. I release and welcome the cycle of magic.

Candle Size: 2” x 4”

Burn Time: 40 Hours

Scent: Woodsy-floral

Manufactured by Coventry Creations in Ferndale, Michigan.

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