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Hush Tarot

Hush Tarot

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Hush Tarot, by Jeremy Hush, published by U.S. Games Systems, 2020 (9781572819993)

Hush Tarot invites readers to discover a captivating realm where animal and human spirits merge, even the smallest creatures like ravens and hares having significance. Though sometimes they seem engulfed by the undergrowth, there's always a hidden cue to show them the route out. The curious characters and scenery are illustrated with elaborate detail, inspired by a 19th century aesthetic that showcases natural elements in life and death. Hush Tarot provides an altered view, unlocking profound answers to life's puzzles.

Includes 78-card deck and 68-page guidebook.

Jeremy Hush began his creative career in the underground world of punk and metal bands, designing album covers and flyers, as well as booking bands and traveling around the world. He is now a designer, painter and woodworker specializing in Gilded Age techniques. Jeremy currently lives in Philadelphia, hiding and working in the Convent Gallery where he is the curator and renovator. He spends his evenings painting in his studio, preparing for gallery exhibits. His art has been shown around the world. 

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EAN: 978-1-57281-999-3
Size: 3.25" x 4.75"
Pages: 78 cards