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Heavenly Bloom Tarot

Heavenly Bloom Tarot

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Heavenly Bloom Tarot flourishes with inspiration from both real-world and imaginative realms. Gorgeous floral aspects evoke serenity and optimism. Five sets of power influence a suit and an elemental globe, gifting us various points of view on life on Earth: an erudite, winged guild; spirited, fiery desert warriors; aquatic elemental spirits; and a druidic crew of earth beings. Of course, people also pass on their hopeful visions as stewards of Earth. Includes 78 rose gold gilded-edged cards and a 72-page guidebook penned by Noa Ikeda.

Noa Ikeda is a Japanese-American artist who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Her illustrations appear on multiple mobile games and websites. 

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Weight 1 lb(s)
ISBN 978-1-64671-075-1
Size Box measures 3.125” x 5.625”; 78 cards measure 2.75” x 5.25”
Language EN
Artist Noa Ikeda