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Harmonia Chakra Gem Candle - Heart Chakra

Harmonia Chakra Gem Candle - Heart Chakra

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Soy Wax Green jar candle with Cedarwood scent, sprinkled with Emerald & Rose Quartz

Escape into the serene ambiance & positivity this candle emits. Representing love, compassion, & harmony, it's a visual & symbolic bliss - perfect for your living room, bedroom, or meditation space. Handcrafted in India, it has a lead-free wick for an eco-burn. Enjoy its captivating aroma, gentle flickering light, & stress-melting vibes. Illuminate your space with the Heart Chakra candle and let its beauty, serenity, and positive energy transform you. Add it to your collection & make it your go-to source of tranquility.

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Product Details

Shipping Weight: 1.40 pounds
Height in Inches: 4.5
Diameter in Inches: 3
Unit: Each
Made Of: 9 oz of Scented Soy Wax
Made In: India
Product Info: Burning Time 48-50hrs Lead Free Wick