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Evil Eye Candle (small pillar)

Evil Eye Candle (small pillar)

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The evil eye is said to be a glare of jealousy, anger, or malefiscence from others.  A form of "crossing" that can inhibit your health, prosperity, joy, and well-being.  Send the evil eye away with this power candle.  Handmade in Ferndale, Michigan, the evil-eye candle is scented with a blend of juniper and rose for raising your vibration and bringing in joy.  2"x4" pillar with an approximate 40-hour burn time. 

Blessing: With strength of will I weave this spell
through sight, sound, touch & smell.
Earth, water, air and fire,
a web of protection
this magic does sire.
By the Lady and the Lord
I cast this impenetrable ward.

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