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Evil Eye Candle (large pillar)

Evil Eye Candle (large pillar)

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Protect yourself from the evil eye with the Evil Eye Candle! This large 2.5"x6.5" pillar releases a penetrating blend of juniper, rose, and vetivert scents and will burn for approximately 80 hours.  It also features an eye-catching blue hue, perfect for creating a visually stunning ward of protection.  And it comes with a powerful blessing to evoke protection.  "Crafted with Magic" by Coventry Creations in Ferndale, Michigan, for spiritual protection.

Blessing: I weave this spell through sight, sound, touch, and smell. Through earth, water, air, and fire, a web of protection this magic will sire. By the Lady and the Lord, I cast this impenetrable ward.

Size: 2.5"x 6.5" Pillar
Burn Time: 80 Hours
Color: Brilliant Blue.
Scent: Juniper and Rose.

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