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Dreams of Gaia Tarot

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

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Dreams of Gaia Tarot aids you as you strive, sense, expand, and heal. This deck builds your bond to your sacred self, aiding you in recognizing and treating past encounters that stop you from living your best life. This deck helps in cultivating your assurance and sense of expectation to confront times of progression and alteration. You'll discover when to act and when to be tranquil. You'll amplify your confidence in your own insight.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot brings together Major and Minor Arcana with bold symbols and new interpretations. Navigate life's path more personally, intimately, and effectively with cards that facilitate choices and inspire your future. This journey is one of discovery and transformation - use the cards to unlock powerful potential.

Includes 81 cards and 308-page book.

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Weight 1.84 lb(s)
ISBN 978-1-57281-857-6
Size Card Size 3.35" x 5", Box Size 5.5" x 7.28"
Language EN
Author Ravynne Phelan