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Candle Magic for Beginners

Candle Magic for Beginners

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Candle Magic for Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do, by Richard Webster, published by Llewellyn Publications, 2004 (9780738705354).

Candle Magic is as simple as making a wish and blowing out a birthday candle. Indeed it is probably the first magic that many of have done and is probably the most universal of magical practices, being done by people of all faiths including those who profess no belief in magic. This simple ritual teaches us the basics of magic: set your intentions - manifest your desires.

Well known Llewellyn author Richard Webster shows how to get started in candle magic, perform simple rituals and spells for luck, love, prosperity, happiness, healing, and protection. And Webster has rituals using candles for divination. The book includes tips for choosing candles, "dressing" candles (that is, preparing your candles for ritual), best times for doing candle magic, and candle-making.

Richard Webster of New Zealand is one of Llewellyn's most prolific authors and has written more than one hundred books.  Webster has appeared on several radio and television programs in the US and abroad.  He travels regularly, lectures, and conducts workshops on a variety of metaphysical subjects.  His bestselling titles include Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians and Creative Visualization for Beginners.  His website is

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EAN: 9780738705354
Published: August 2004
Pages: 264
Size: 5 x 8