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Ancestor Blessed Herbal Original

Ancestor Blessed Herbal Original

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Reconnect with your Ancestors & their words of wisdom & support. As a child, you naturally connected with your Ancestors & the counsel they offered you on life.


I call to the ones who have passed on,
from their place far beyond.
Come to me, the ones I need,
past generations, come with speed.
With love and respect, I ask of you,
guide my life and keep it true.
I call on thee in perfect love & trust,
working with me, sending what is just.
Harming none & helping all
is how it shall be,
this I make true 3x3x3.

Size: 1.5"x 7" Pillar
Burn Time: 40 Hours
Color: White
Scent: Peppermint, Musk, and Sage

"Made when the moon is right" by Coventry Creations in Ferndale, Michigan.

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