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Witch's Purse Candle (small pillar)

Witch's Purse Candle (small pillar)

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Bring the sweet life into your home with this prosperous green Witch's Purse Candle! Scented with bergamot & date that will release tensions, help you manifest abundance, and rid your space of fear.  Handmade in Ferndale, Michigan.  

Blessing: By earth, by air, by water, by fire;
wealth of coin, in magic I now sire.
The fears, the blocks & other unknowns are cleared by
maiden, mother and crone.
By horn and hoof the lord will bless,
fill my pockets
with riches free of stress.

Candle Size: 2” x 4”
Burn Time: 40 Hours

From Coventry Creation's best selling "Witch's Brew" line. 

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