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The Great Mystery Box

The Great Mystery Box

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Let Mara Evenstar step into The Great Mystery for you or a beloved and bring back the perfect items to make your soul smile and support your path.

When we receive your Great Mystery Box request, Mara will tune in and allow herself to be guided to the things that are a magical fit for you (or your beloved) at this point in your journey. She may even add a note to the box if a special message came through in addition to guidance on choosing items – or perhaps why certain items were chosen.

How to order your Great Mystery Box:

Choose the option that fits your budget, then on the page where you checkout your cart, fill out the customer notes if you have any directions for Mara. You can leave this blank if you wish to totally trust in The Great Mystery, or you can give directions like:

This box is for… (me or someone else – if a gift, give first name for tuning-in purposes)

this gift is for someone who…

Please don’t add…

My favorite color is…

My spiritual path is…

Some of my favorite types of things at Evenstar’s are…

I strongly identify with…

Whatever else you may wish Mara to know…

Items will be chosen from both our online and brick-n-mortar store. Please give us a couple of business days to prepare your Great Mystery Box before it is available for pick up or shipping.

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