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St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort

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This perennial plant blooms around the time of the feast day of St. John the Baptist, thus it has been named after the saint.

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deity: Baldur
Powers: Health, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination, Happiness
Magical Uses: Worn and scatted, sachets.

St. John's Wort is an ancient remedy that offers a range of powerful protective benefits. Often considered to be a weed, this sunny yellow flower, this herb has been used to stave off fevers and colds, to make soldiers invincible, and to attract love.  If it is gathered on Midsummer eve or on any Friday, the herb is said to restore mental stability and offer respite from melancholy.  

When hung over windows and doors, St. John's Wort will keep out ghosts, demons, and other evil spirits, and protect the house from lightning strikes and fire.  As an incense, it will banish evil spirits and demons.  It has also been used as a witches' bane.  In divination, if placed in a pillow sachet, a young woman will dream of her future husband. 

Other Names: Hypericum perforatum, Amber, Fuga daemonum (Latin: Scare-Devil), Goat Weed, Herba John, John’s Wort, Klamath Weed, Sol Terrestis, Tipton Weed, Hypericum, God's wonder plant, witches herb.

Comes in 1 oz. bags.

QAI and USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher; Origin: Bulgaria.

Warning: Do not use this product if you are under any prescription drug(s), seek competent medical advice.  Do not us this herb if you are undergoing any form of phototherapy (laser or ultraviolet) and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight when using this herb.



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QAI and USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher; Origin: Bulgaria