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Other names: Pogostemon cablin or Pogostemon patchouli, Pucha-Pot, Kablin
Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Saturn
Powers: Money, Fertility, Lust

Patchouli is an aromatic herb often used in money and prosperity magic, fertility magic, love and lust magic, and in protection magic.  It is considered to be very sensual.

Patchouli is especially powerful in money and prosperity spells because of its associations with Saturn and the element of earth. Sprinkle some patchouli onto money, add it to a wallet or purse, or placed around the base of green candles. Such uses of Patchouli can help bring prosperity and abundance.  Patchouli's association with Saturn, the god of hard work and rewards, adds power to its use in spells and rituals.  To amp up a prosperity spell with patchouli, perform on a Saturday.

Patchouli can be substituted for 'graveyard dust'. It also works very well in all protection magic.  Add to love sachets and bath sachets.  Burn Patchouli in incense blends to bring balance, peace, and calm.  Also a patchouli incense can aid in scrying and divination.

The pleasant odor of patchouli is believed to bring back lost love.  Here are two ways to use patchouli in lost love magic: first you can add patchouli to your floor wash and remove the bad energies that drove love away and make your space inviting for its return.  Also, you can use Patchouli in your incense.  Burn patchouli as you walk through your home, spreading the fumes and smoke in each room.  As you do this, imagine your beloved walking through your door.

Comes in 1/2 oz. bags by weight.  Bags will be a mix of leaf, stem, and dust.



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Product Details

One-half (1/2) ounce package by weight.
image is representative and not your actual product. Your bag will include a mix of leaf, stem, and dust.