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Deep Session - The Mystic Is In - Mara Evenstar

Deep Session - The Mystic Is In - Mara Evenstar

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How can a mystic provide guidance along your path? A mystic is one who walks the path of direct knowing and gnosis. "Know Thyself" is a path of liberation, empowerment, and knowing of the Universal patterns found in individual personal expressions. A mystic is in service to the One Heart.

Here's what mysticism in service looks like to me:

Helping you through deep listening, empowering inquiry, intuitive and wise council, energetic support, and eliciting experiences of connection with the Divine.

Deep Sessions are 70-90 minutes and can be one on one or with a small group.

If you would like to take a more extended journey with me, contact me directly.

You will be contacted via email within 24 hours of purchase to set up your appointment.

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