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Cedar Leaves & Stems

Cedar Leaves & Stems

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Other Names: Cedrus libani (or the entire Cedrus species); 
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Powers: Healing, Purification, Money, Protection

Most of what is called "Cedar" in North America is, botanically, junipers or arborvitae of the cypress family.  These would include both white and red cedars.  True cedars are native to Asia or the Middle East.  But because North American cypresses are biologically very similar, North American cedars can be used in magic as would true cedars.  Nonetheless, what the Europeans had classified as either the red or white cedar has long been one of the four sacred herbs of North America. 

As a sacred herb, you can use cedar in the place of other purifying fumigants, such as white sage.  We often recommend that people should use the herbs of their locale – thus people living in the Great Lakes region may find better results using cedar or sweetgrass as a fumigant than white California desert sage, because cedar is more common to the region whereas desert white sage is not.  The smoke of cedar (as from an incense) will purify and cleanse your space.  It will also help people who have recurring bad dreams.

Cedar, either as bundles or in sachet, hung in the home is said to protect the domicile from lightning strikes.  For money spells, cedar placed in the wallet or purse will draw money, or use it in money incenses. 

Cedar may also increase psychic powers, banish negativity & negative energies, uncrossings and unhexing, help you focus, heal, and de-stress, calm your mind, and increase your self-assurance.  You can use cedar to consecrating amulets and cleansing crystals.

You may also recall that cedar is used to line chests where clothing is kept because cedar naturally repels insects and pests.  Let that be a lesson….

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