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California White Sage Bundle

California White Sage Bundle

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Burning sage is probably the most powerful and common fumigant to drive off malevolent energies, and as a tool in purification.  Sage yourself, sage your space, sage your tools.

Salvia apiana, or white sage (literally, "bee sage"), is species most often referred to as "white sage," "California sage," or "desert sage." Salvia apiana is an evergreen perennial native to the southern California coast ranges and inner mountains.  It thrives in dry, gravelly soil.  The shrub grows to about five feet.  In summer, the plant will send up a flower stalk with white-lavender flowers.  White sage is not an endangered species according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but the recent popularity of sage fumigation has led to a surge in illegal harvesting and poaching of the leaf from public or native lands.  Our white sage is sustainably harvested & wildcrafted on the Cochimi Tribe reservation in Baja, Mexico, then hand-rolled and bundled.     

Use as incense, or in sachets, baths, tinctures, oils, waters, and teas.  Sage is exceptionally versatile and useful.  It is an astringent but also a moisturizer.

Element: Earth
Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus
Powers: Cleansing, Purification, Exorcism


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Product of the Cochimi people, Baja, Mexico.

Approximately 1" d x 4" l; bundles vary by size, color, and weight.