Space Rentals

Our Community Room and Healing Room are also available for rent for your events and services!

3840 Packard Rd., Suite 120, Ann Arbor, MI

Community Room
Our Community Room is multi-functional. You can fit a large circle of 20 chairs, 50 if set up lecture style. You can fit 4-6 6' tables with chairs, or open the space up for movement activities. The space can be well-lit when needed, or dimmed for more tranquility.

Healing Room

We also have a Healing Room that is used for healing and meditation. This room is directly adjacent to the larger Community Room, and therefore cannot be rented separately.


Adjacent to the Community Room is a kitchen and small eating area. It functions well for day-to day use, and also serves well for larger events. This kitchen is shared between Suites 120 (Community Room) and Suite 110 - the home of non-profit, The Intentional Living Collective.

Please note that due to the physical layout of the space, it is not possible to rent the Community Room and the Healing room separately. Renting gives access to all of Suite 120 and shared access to the kitchen area with Suite 110.

Standard Rate: $25 per hour / $200 per day (a day is 6+ hours)

If you are doing a donation-based offering, we have a special donation-share rate available.

If you are an Evenstar's Chalice or TILC affiliate, please contact Mara for affiliate rates

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