Evenstar's Chalice logo with text Artisan Market

We're doing a thing! 

Join us for our first Evenstar Artisan Market

Sunday, February 11th, 12 - 5pm

3840 Packard Rd. Suites 110 & 120

Ann Arbor, MI 

beautiful gourd art
Chloe Press - Fine Arts

-Original oil and watercolor composition

-High quality print recreations of originals including stickers, prints of poster and card sizes

- Smaller watercolor projects and crafty art

 Chloe is a young black and indigenous woman in the process of reconnecting with her Native American heritage. Her work explores human and non-human personified emotion, portrays dream-like states, and has a slightly surrealist feel to it. She draws much of her inspiration from lived experience as a mixed queer woman, dreams, and visions. 

beautiful gourd art

Shadow Bear & Airow

Unique Gifts, Curious Goodes, Magickal Treasures!

Shadow Bear crafts Traditional American Folk Magick and Pan cultural Shamanic resources made in the ancient way with song.

Airow crafts botanical remedies, art pieces and more weaving magically her deep connection to the plant world. 

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The Kitchen Bruja

Monique, aka The Kitchen Bruja is a natural born bruja, holistic healer + psychic medium. She is a Mambo initiated into Sanse. 

She is the owner of the Kitchen Bruja Botanica, an online religious + spiritual goods store. She crafts and sells candles, oils, spiritual baths, herbs and more. A wide range of divination services are available as well as classes through her botanica.

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Helve Craft

Helve Craft is focused on using florals & findings as ritual wear, joy-focused costuming, and home decor. Using symbolism and intuitive craft to create flower crowns, threshold blessings, and statement pieces for any occasion.

At the center of Helve Craft is Maia Evans, an Ann Arbor based designer, artist, and non-profit leader.

Apart from wares for sale; Maia also offers workshops for groups (holidays, birthdays, wedding parties) creating a shared experience in crafting flower crowns.

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Emerald Dragon Designs

Emerald Dragon Designs is a woman owned, Ypsilanti business specializing in wheel thrown pottery. Started by Multi-media Artist Kia Kouyate in 2019. 

 Kia also offers handmade sculpture, apparel, jewelry and stickers. 

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Living Life As Ritual

with Luciana

Locally made goods

Ancient Healing Arts, Herbs, Herbal Incenses, Altars Wares & Sacred Talismans

In the most ordinary moments of our lives we are performing rituals. We are just not fully present for most of them. Living Life as a Ritual is inviting you to bring presence to your sacred life, to the wholeness of your sacred being, as we weave, braid, and knot you own ocean of infinite possibilities into your life. Come experience sacred nest making & braiding possibilities as a practice of peaceful presence and co-creation, as a catapult to link you to the magical beauty of your essence, the ever-charged power of


Blessed be! Luvlu

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Dragon Treasures by Astral Dragon

Dragons are spiritual beings which treasure material artifacts of spiritual significance. Dragon Treasures items are intentionally curated to help you align your material experience with spiritually sound principles. Whether you are looking to tend your body as the temple which houses your magnificent essence with natural body butter, salve, tinctures, teas, and essential oils or you are looking to beautify your material existence with natural stone and metal jewelry, handcrafted ritual tools, or esoterically minded home decor, may you find items to serve your most authentic self.

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Evenstar's Chalice

Also!! In addition to the vendors, Evenstar's Chalice will be bringing a curated selection of hand-made (mostly) locally made products and art!

We're happy to showcase some of the wonderful makers that consign with Evenstar's Chalice. Such as....

Twisted Willow Soap Co.

J. Crescent Mosaics

Rains Gems

Laura Irene Wayne

Great Lakes Magic

Deborah Golden

The Romanticks

Suzi Simmons

Jeanne Adwani

Mara Evenstar

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We're having a bake sale too! Money raised from the bake sale goes to support the bakers and our gathering space -- so that we can continue to offer amazing programming and sacred space to our community!!