bring your hungry heart, your thirsty mind, and your wise body

​Let’s Enrich & Evolve Our Lives – Together!

At Evenstar Institute, we are cultivating a teaching/learning community – one that offers experiential courses, workshops, and community-building activities in-person and online. We are creating both space and place where people can consciously grow, evolve and develop their capacities to step into this great work of transforming their lives, their relationships, and this world for the better.

For us, transformation is an art form. This art form is an exploration into ways of being, ways of relating, and ways of understanding and meaning-making that heal, release, connect, inspire, unify and empower. We explore ways that are ancient, ways that are new, and ways that twine the two – all in service of liberation.

Transformation is more than just change. It is a change so radical that a shift in identity or form occurs. How can we become allies with this powerful force? How can we move through our transformations with less fear and more grace? How do we become the artists of our own transformations? And more importantly, how do we do this together? These are a few of the wicked questions we lean into here at Evenstar Institute. Perhaps these or similar questions are in your heart too. Perhaps your heart also yearns for this or something better. Bring your hungry heart, your thirsty mind, and your wise body. Let’s build something beautiful together.  

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