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Yoga Class with Sara Saunders

Yoga Class with Sara Saunders

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Yoga Classes with Sara Saunders: I am a certified yoga instructor with passion for sharing the wisdom of yoga philosophy and ethics with my students. I love teaching yoga to show how beneficial it can be. My intent is to create inviting classes that encourage stretching and strengthening within your own limits. A few minutes can make a big difference! 

Current Class Schedule (for most up-to-date visit Evenstar's Chalice calendar:

Tuesday Evenings 5:45 - 6:30 pm Unwind Vinyasa Yoga

Treat yourself to Tuesday movement, stretch and unwind. Mentally prepare for the days
ahead. Indulge in creative flows which allow your mind to focus on movement. Each
class is different; some classes are faster paced & follow a flow; some classes are
anatomy focus; some classes work to a peak posture. Vinyasa promotes flexibility,
alignment, strengthening & range of motion.

Thursday Lunchtimes 12:15 - 12:45 Come as You Are Yoga

This 30 minute class allows you to take a quick break from your day and reset. Each class will provide a chance to settle in, reconnect with yourself and provide energy for the rest of your day. We will stretch and strengthen in a gentle and enjoyable way. Each class will have a different area of focus; hips and legs, shoulders and neck, long and lean, core focus floor work, etc.

All Yoga classes are held at our 3850 Packard Rd., A2 location - Suite 120. 

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